Fire Vermiculite & Cemetitious Fendolite Sprays

Fire Rating Solutions is skilled in the application of Vermiculite and Cemetitious Fendolite fire spray. This product is suitable for both internal and external use. It provides up to 4 hours protection.

An added benefit of the Vermiculite and Cemetitious Fendolite application is that it is often more cost effective than other comparable methods.

FRS is often required by its customers to provide combustion protection solutions for difficult jobs. Due to its flexibility we often recommend the application of vermiculite or and fendolite fire solution. It is suitable for many applications where existing methods are difficult, impossible or cost prohibitive. It is able to be used in areas with tight access.

It provides fire protection for the many existing problems found in new or old buildings and can be used in conjunction with other commonly used products. It is compatible with Structural steel columns, beams, metal ducts, timber, cables, plastic and PVC. It is also ideal for textured finishes.

Using the latest technology, we at FRS designed our own fire spray equipment which includes an integrated compressor, pump and mixer.

Our highly effective equipment is housed in dedicated vans, meaning better service and quick set-up with cost savings for our customers. This equipment is compliant with AS 1755-200 ensuring safety for all workers.

FRS is able to arrange Portable Power to enable the use of the fire equipment.

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See Photo Examples of Spray Machine Setup and Work in Progress

Look at Photo Examples of Vermiculite and Cemetitious Fendolite Spray product installations for:

  • Mechanical Ductwork
  • Steel Beams and Columns
  • Precast Panel Brackets and Angles
  • Combination Board and Spray

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