SPEEDPANEL® Installations and Solutions

FRS is an accredited installer of Speedpanel which offers fast and effective solutions to a wide range of fire walls, shafts and ceilings.

SPEED PANEL INSTALLATION SOLUTIONSSPEEDPANEL®  is a single component plank style fire rated product ready for installation from one side only. It is simply slotted into top and bottom metal tracks with tongue and groove fittings between the panels. Made with an aerated concrete core with galvanized steel shell it is also available in a range of colour bond finishes. Speedpanel is available in three widths for 1 hour, 1.5 hours and up to two hour fire rating with a FRL of -/120/120. It can be installed up to 6.0 meters vertically and 4.5 meters horizontally with unlimited height.

Speedpanel is one of the strongest lightweight building products available. It can be used both internally or as external cladding to create a fire and weatherproof boundary wall. With its thin design, acoustic properties, ease of installation plus excellent fire rating performance to Australian Standards that also exceed BCA requirements,  more developers and building owners are finding that this product satisfies their exacting requirements.

Please view photos of our installation works for Speedpanel projects.

FRS has used Speedpanel in major projects including Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital, Crown Casino plus many of Melbourne’s new and refurbished office and apartment buildings. Applications include duct shafts, air shafts, lift shafts, plant rooms, lift wells, air plenums, vertical walls and ceilings.

Please refer to further product information and data sheets on our Resources page.

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