PVC Pipe Penetration Fire Stopping

Fire Collars And Wraps

There are two systems we use for an efficient and quick method for sealing PVC pipe penetrations through walls and floors after installation:

Fire Collars –

We regularly recommend the retro fitting of collars for optimum safety and protection. This system is suitable for both masonry and plaster applications. This system can provide up to 4 hours protection and come in the following sizes:

Fire Collar Wrap –

There may be applications where this type of system are more efficient. These are ideal for core holes and tight access applications in either masonry or paster applications and also provide up to 4 hours protection.

Sizes are:

  • 40mm to 150mm – plaster wall insertion
  • 40mm to 300mm – retro fit for walls and floors
  • 32mm to 150mm – retro fit wraps for walls and floors

Look at our PVC pipe products available for purchase:

  • Fire Collars Retro
  • Fire Collar Wraps

Look at photo examples of product installations for these products and system applications:

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