Penetration Fire Stopping Service

Fire stopping or penetration fire sealing is a key component in any building’s fire protection strategy with the goal of protecting occupants, structural integrity, and infrastructure. FRS provides a full range of passive fire sealing and fire stopping systems that are designed to stop the passage of fire, flammable gases and toxic fumes through the building via gaps created by the penetration of cables, ducts or service pipes.

Existing Buildings – Fire Stopping

It is imperative that your facility has its service penetrations made by various contractors, properly fire stopped and certified.


Over the course of a year, service contractors such as plumbers and electricians will need to make penetrations through your walls, ceilings, floors and other structural fire or smoke components of your facility. Commonly, these penetrations are made for communication cables, mechanical and plumbing services, etc.

Annual inspections of your building are essential to ensure the ongoing safety and fire integrity of your building in accordance with AS4072.1 and AS1530.4. Service penetrations that are not appropriately fire stopped will expose your building and occupants to great risk. Unfortunately, some contractors do not inform you of penetrations made by their works, leaving you and your facility exposed. Or worse, they attempt to undertake the fire stopping themselves with inappropriate and untested materials.

Private certifiers, Building Surveyors, MFB and Councils are now requiring  Certification by specialist contractors such as FRS.

New Building Construction – Fire Stopping

It is important to involve FRS early within the new-build construction phase. If the appropriate passive fire systems are installed at the correct time in the construction program, your costs will be greatly minimised. We can cover all trades on your project and Certify the complete fire stopping job, or we can look after your section of responsibility.

Some of our construction customers prefer to undertake their own fire stopping works. To assist, FRS offer’s pre-start system checks and can provide the tested manufacture’s certification of your proposed sealing methods. This avoids the possibility of finding out at the end of the job that incorrect materials or systems have been installed.

For new-builds, FRS can also provide site inspections for both the builder and/or contractors. These can be performed at various stages during the build to eliminate costly rectifications after the building has been handed over.


FRS only supply and install quality and certified fire protection products to ensure the safety and integrity of your facility, and to guard against both fire and loss of life.

FRS is able to provide a quality and true seal for all your penetration fire sealing requirements. Our experience and expertise provides compliant fire stopping services with all our works certified to the appropriate Australian standards.



We also offer product sales of fire stopping materials. Please view our range of Fire Resistant Products available for purchase. Popular products we sell include:

  • Fire Pillows
  • Fire Mortar
  • Fire Strips
  • Fire Batts
  • IBS Foam Strip
  • Mastics & Sealants
  • Fire Boards
  • Fire Collars
  • Fire Sprays
  • Backing Rods

Example photos of our Penetration Passive Fire Stopping installation works

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