Penetration Fire Stopping

To ensure fire safety of facilities and the lives of those within it is imperative that the service penetrations made by various contractors are properly fire stopped to protect against smoke, flames and gases.

Over the course of a year various service contractors will make penetrations in walls, ceilings, floors and other structural components of your facility. Commonly these penetrations are made for communication cables, plumbing services etc. Many contractors do not attend to the appropriate fire stopping procedures in the correct manner or if at all. We can ensure the fire integrity and safety of the building in accordance with AS4072.1.

The stopping up of holes with cement and/or plaster is no longer acceptable. Private certifiers and councils are requiring certification by specialist contractors.

Additionally, for buildings under construction, if the systems are installed at the correct time in the construction program, costs will be minimised. If you wish, we can cover all trades on your project and certify the complete fire stopping job, or we can look after your section of responsibility. We are also able to advise and supply the correct materials to each of your sub-contractors if you prefer to work this way.

FRS has the systems, experience and expertise to provide compliant fire stopping services. We supply and install quality fire protection products to ensure the integrity of your facility to guard against both fire and loss of life.

Look at our Service Penetration Products available for purchase:

  • Fire Pillows
  • Fire Mortar
  • Fire Strip
  • IBS Foam Strip
  • Sealants
  • Fire Boards
  • Hebel Blockwork
  • Backing Rods

FRS is able to provide penetration sealing for floors, walls and PVC pipes.

Look at photo examples of our product installations for service penetrations for:

  • Floor Penetrations
  • Wall Penetrations
  • PVC Penetrations

If you have any further enquiries or need more information please do not hesitate to CONTACT US regarding Service Penetration Fire Stopping – Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical.