Fire Door Installations and Repairs

Fire Rating Solutions can provide you with all your Fire, Smoke & Exit Door repairs and installation needs.

Our highly experienced team delivers you with peace of mind to ensure your building’s fire safety and compliance. We expertly provide a wide range of installations, repairs and maintenance for fire, smoke and exit doors.

Fire, Smoke & Exit Doors and their associated hardware and accessories are a very important part of ensuring a fire is contained within a specified area of a building and ensures safe and effective evacuation. These essential safety measures are found in almost all industrial, commercial and multi-dwelling buildings.

All Fire, Smoke and Exit Door services provided by our team are conducted to ensure building owners’ legal and moral responsibilities are met. This includes ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of Fire, Smoke and Exit Doors and that these comply with Australian Standard (AS1851 & AS1905.1) with relevant records kept onsite.

Here are just some of the more popular services provided by our team:


  • Complete doorsets
  • Replacement of door leaves – single and doubles
  • Backfilling fire rated frames
  • Fire Rated access panels
  • Fire Rated frames/jambs
  • Fire Rated vision panels
  • Hardware, e.g. closers, handles, seals, etc.
  • Metal cladding for security and weather situations
  • Non-Fire Rated solid core doors
  • Push bars and special security lock devices
  • Threshold plates

Compliance & Repairs

  • Annual ESM inspections and sign-offs
  • AS1851 door repairs
  • Adjustments for all types of doors
  • Rectify break-ins and emergency security repairs
  • Signage

Check out some of our door products Fire & Smoke Door Products

The maintenance of essential services applies to Class 1b, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, buildings as defined in the BCA. These include multi-storey residential buildings, hotels/motels, offices, shops, warehouses, factories and hospitals/public buildings.

If you have any further enquiries in relation to our Fire, Smoke & Exit Door installation, repairs and maintenance services or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact our Essential Services Manager – 03 9419 1393.