Fire & Smoke Door Inspections

FRS can provide you with your Fire & Smoke Door Inspections

Our highly experienced team provides peace of mind when undertaking your annual Fire & Smoke Door Inspections and our comprehensive fire safety audit reporting makes your compliance and rectification obligations clear and simple.

The NCC/BCA and AS1851 requires all ESM items noted on the Occupancy Permit to be serviced and maintained to the nominated frequency of the building.

The Victorian Building Act along with the Building Regulations came into operation in 1994. This effects all buildings built on or after 1 July 1994.

Building owners are required to ensure the service and maintenance of Fire and Smoke Doors and other essential safety measures in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS1851) are completed and records kept onsite.

Owners of buildings built prior to 1 July 1994 still have a responsibility to ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the fire safety services installed.

The objective of the annual fire safety inspections is to ensure that services continue to perform at the same level of operation that existed at the time of commissioning and that any defects are noted and rectified as required.

FRS Fire & Smoke Door Inspections check the following essential safety measure items: AS1851-2005 & AS1851-2012

  • Fire doors (hinged and pivoted including their associated warning systems) and associated self-closing, auto closing and latching mechanism
  • Smoke Doors and associated self-closing automatic closing and latching mechanisms
  • Fire rated access panels

FRS Fire & Smoke Door Inspection Reports provide the following:

  • details on the non-compliant items in relation to non-compliant fire rated materials used, damaged or missing fire & smoke door sets, damaged and inactive hardware and compliance signage.
  • complete list of non-compliant items identified with locations, descriptions, recommended repairs and photos.
  • Quote to rectify non-compliant items, within the FRS scope of works.

FRS also log our attendance in your onsite ESM logbooks, if available.

The maintenance of essential services applies to Class 1b, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, buildings as defined in the BCA. These include multi-storey residential buildings, hotels/motels, offices, shops, warehouses, factories and hospitals/public buildings.

If you have any further enquiries in relation to our fire inspection service or need more information please do not hesitate to contact our Essential Services Manager – 03 9419 1393

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