Fire Safety Audit & Inspection Services

The Essential Service Maintenance & Inspections team at Fire Rating Solutions provides a vital role in maintaining the various essential services within existing buildings, ensuring your valuable asset is kept safe and up to date with all relevant Australian Standards and BCA requirements.

Some of the fire inspection services provided by our Essential Service Maintenance & Inspections team include passive fire inspections and fire safety auditspassive fire protection/sealing works and the inspection and installation of Fire and Smoke doors in accordance with AS1851.

Our dynamic team includes:

  • FPAS Accredited Inspectors with extensive construction industry experience
  • Repair and service personnel with a wide range of specialist expertise in service penetration rectifications and fire & smoke doors service and repairs, all with dedicated vehicles.
  • Administrative support personnel skilled in understanding your requirements plus the latest tested technology systems and industry standards.

In line with our focus of staying at the forefront of the industry and providing our clients with service excellence. Fire Rating Solutions uses the latest technology and tracking platforms, Simpro and Uptick provide our clients with the ultimate in service, reporting and communication along with reducing the risk of non-compliance for our client’s facility or asset portfolio.

Uptick, provides many positive benefits, including:

  • Improved Inspection Service Reports, Repair Service Reports and Quotes
  • Manages all service provision information with instant access to all tasks completed against assets including documentation pictures, past issues and rectifications.
  • Provides instant visibility regarding a building’s compliance (AS 1851-2012)
  • Displays the lifecycle history of the assets we service on your behalf
  • Helps reduce client administrative overheads.

Each member of the Essential Service Maintenance & Inspections team prides themselves on providing the highest level of service, responsiveness and quality in everything they do. We are driven to provide excellence in customer service.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US with any fire safety inspection, maintenance and/or inspection enquiries relating to building essential services.