Fire Resistant Intumescent Paints For Steel Columns, Beams And Cable Protection

Fire Rating Solutions uses an extensive range of fire resistant Intumescent and Ablative paints. These paints are suitable for both internal and external applications and provide up to 2 hours protection.

Fire paints are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, take up minimal space due to their thin application, and are ideal for architecturally designed areas where structural members are to be exposed for viewing.

At FRS, we pride ourselves on using the latest specialised paint technologies while providing a neat, precise and pro finish. Our fire paint equipment is housed in dedicated vans, meaning better service with quick set-up and cost savings for our customers.

Look at our Fire Paint Products available for purchase.

  • Steel Beams and Columns
  • Cables

If you have any further enquiries or need more information please do not hesitate to CONTACT US regarding our quality pro finish for Resistant Paints for Steel Columns, Beams and Cable Protection.