Electrical & Mechanical Services Enclosures

We have vast experience in creating both large and small Electrical and Mechanical Services enclosures.

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These specialised enclosures are required to maintain proper function of electrical and/or mechanical systems and services in the event of a fire. Additionally, they also prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes from one building compartment to another.

During a fire, our Electrical and Mechanical Services Enclosures will allow for the continued function of essential systems and services for a specified period of time, allowing for all the building occupants to escape safely and for the protection of essential systems, such as:

  • Electrically operated fire alarms
  • Emergency escape route lighting
  • Electrically operated extinguishing systems
  • Smoke extraction venting systems
  • Power supply for fire service elevators in high-rise buildings
  • Water mains supply and pumps servicing sprinkler systems
  • Essential life support systems
  • Computer, communication and information technology networks

Fire Boards are ideal for the construction of electrical and mechanical duct work enclosures and can eliminate the need for the metal duct itself.

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