Durasteel installation and solutions

Durasteel panels are lightweight, strong and resistant to extreme impact including blast protection, as well as before, during and after exposure to fire. Also moisture resistant, Durasteel products suffer no damage from everyday exposure to warehouse and damp situations plus they offer up to 6 hours fire protection whilst maintaining compartmentation. After a fire they ensure a building remains secure until remedial works can be undertaken.

Durasteel is a composite panel of fibre reinforced cement mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both surfaces. It is classified as a non-combustible in accordance with many national and international standards and is highly resistant to moisture even when saturated. It will not absorb combustible fluids and its fire resistant qualities are exceptional and tested to the most stringent Australian and international standards.

Durasteel is often a first choice for high-rise apartments, offices and hotels, airports, road and rail tunnels, retail complexes, leisure facilities, public buildings and government institutions where fire protection and security are required.

Offering fire and blast protection, FRS often uses Durasteel to protect vulnerable and hazardous areas such as electrical equipment rooms and high voltage areas, pressurised ducting, smoke extract risers, hazardous materials and fuel storage enclosures, boiler rooms, ceilings above lift shafts and service risers, and to secure critical power and data cabling.

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FRS finds that in today’s construction market the need for systems with products like Durasteel that can perform multifunction roles, whilst allowing for fast track and cost effective installation, are of prime importance. Protecting life, the environment and financial investment and security, Durasteel is value-engineered to meet today’s market needs and is highly recommended by FRS.

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