Our Services

Fire Rating Solutions has been providing a wide range of quality passive fire protection services to its customers in Melbourne and greater Victoria since 1990 and is a recognised leader within the Australian industry.

Our extensive experience together with the high level of service we provide is appreciated by our many satisfied customers who after countless years continue to use FRS as their preferred passive installer. Our customer base includes both large and small organisations across the private and public sector, industrial, mining and commercial construction industries.

The Fire Rating of services penetrations and protection of structural steel is required by the Building Code of Australia to ensure that all buildings have measures in place to protect life and property. Fire Rating or passive fire protection is intended to prevent the spread of flame, smoke and gases to minimise structural damage to buildings. Fire Rating involves the application of fire rated materials to particular building elements that have been tested in approved systems to conform with Australian Standards.

FRS provides a range of passive fire protection services to help you achieve compliance on your project. For example, photos and more detailed information on these services please explore our website further.

Services FRS offers include:

  • Service Penetration Stopping
    Our team is highly skilled in the rectification of all various smoke and fire service penetrations commonly made by electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors plus the builder throughout a new or refurbishment of a building’s. Fire rated stopping works within existing buildings element must be properly undertaken to maintain the safety of its occupants, protect the building and comply with the BCA.
  • Vermiculite and Cementitious Fendolite Fire Sprays for Structural Steel and Mechanical Ductwork 
    Our fire spray team have capacity for both large-scale plus small projects as well as repairs to existing jobs. We pride ourselves on our clean and precise work and have fire sprays suitable for both internal and external projects.
  • Fire and Smoke Rated Door Repairs 
    A building’s Fire, Smoke & Exit Doors play a critical role in the event of a fire. They help ensure a fire is contained within a specified area of a building, allow occupants to exit the building safely and for emergency personnel to enter safely. Our team is skilled in identifying any defects and deficiencies in fire/smoke doors and their associated hardware and undertake fast and expert repairs, backed up by their dedicated and well stocked service vans.
  • Speedpanel Walls & Ceilings
    FRS is a recommended installer of Speedpanel and is highly experienced in its installation, having undertaken many large-scale projects.  Speedpanel is a fast and effective fire protective solution that is ideal for a wide range of construction projects or refits.
  • Fire Resistant Boards for Internal, External and Heat Applications – Steel, Walls, Ceilings and Ductwork 
    FRS undertake Fire Rated Board installations for a wide range of internal and external requirements. These include metal ductwork, fire bulk heads plus fire walls and ceilings. These can incorporate acoustic and explosion protection. Difficult jobs are our speciality.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Services Enclosures
    We have vast experience in creating large and small Electrical and Mechanical Services enclosures to maintain proper function of electrical and/or mechanical systems and services in the event of a fire. These enclosures also prevent fire, smoke and toxic fume propagation from one building compartment to another.
  • Passive Fire Rated Product Installations and Certification 
    FRS undertakes new-build fire rated installation projects on a daily basis. Our technical know-how and access to the latest products, system testing and equipment sets us apart from others. It is of the utmost importance that fire rated products be correctly installed and certified to Australian Standards.
  • Problem Solving
    We offer an innovative and effective problem solving service for all your passive related problems. Our knowledge is unsurpassed with our team’s vast experience gained since our inception in 1990.
  • Essential Services Maintenance, Inspections and Reports 
    We provide ongoing annual maintenance programs for our customers requiring regular inspections and rectification works to ensure their building remains up to Code. Our certified inspection auditors detail any defects on our reports plus provide clear quotations that are simple to understand.
  • Fire Rated Access Panels, Hatches and Lift/Machine Gatics 
    We have a large range of fire rated access panels, hatches and gatics to create the right solution for our customer needs. We are able to custom make access panels and hatches to size with a rating up to two hours. Lift or machine gatics are made to measure suit your specific openings.
  • Durasteel Installations
    Both fire and blast resistant, we often work with Durasteel panels in situations where fire protection as well as security are required.
  • Intumescent Fire Paint Systems for Structural Steel Columns, Beams and Cable Protection 
    Our team undertakes many intumescent coating projects on structural steel and beams plus cables to protect them from fire. Our application is clean, neat and aesthetically appealing.
  • Hebel Blockwork and Panel Solutions 
    Our team regularly installs Hebel blockwork and panels to create a fast and cost-effective method of making fire resistant walls or floors. It has excellent acoustic and insulation properties.
  • Fire Resistant Storeroom / Archive Manufacture 
    FRS is experienced in building speciality fire rated storerooms to suit particular client needs and budget.

Penetration Fire Sealing

You can trust our team to expertly select the right fire rated products and installation methods to effectively seal all types of service penetrations. Undertaken by skilled technicians and a results-based approach, building compartmentation will be achieved, penetrations will be sealed to Code and life and property will be protected. Some of the many products from our large and diverse product range include:

  • Mastics
  • Pillows
  • Mortar
  • Fire Strip
  • IBS Foam Strip
  • Boards
  • PVC Collars
  • Hebel

Fire, Smoke & Exit Doors Repairs

For many years, FRS has been expertly installing Fire, Smoke & Exit Doors in new commercial and refurbishment building projects.  We also help building owners and facility managers with their repair works to ensure compliance and that their fire doors continue to operate as intended in the unfortunate event of a fire:

  • new installations
  • inspections and compliance
  • repairs and maintenance
  • signage
  • emergency call-outs
  • fast turn-around
  • dedicated and well stocked fire door vans

SPEEDPANEL® Walls & Ceilings

FRS is a recommended installer of Speedpanel and is highly experienced in its installation in many large-scale projects performed.  Speedpanel is a fast and effective fire protective solution that is ideal for a wide range of construction projects or refits. It is a versatile and lightweight system that can improve program speed, saving you time and money.

We encourage you talk to us about having FRS provide you with our full service offering or you can view our wide range of passive fire protection products available for purchase;  these include fire sealants, vermiculite sprays, penetration fire sealing products, PVC fire collars, fire strips, intumescent paint plus more.

For further information on Speedpanel, penetration fire sealing, fire spray or any of our other products or services please contact Fire Rating Solutions, Melbourne, Australia, on +61 (0)3 9419 1393 today.