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If you are looking for the best range of quality Fire Rated, Fire Retardant & Fire Protective products in Melbourne then look no further than Fire Rating Solutions. We sell direct to many technicians, builders and sub-contractors who undertake their own installations.
FRS offers one-stop convenience and the best prices in Melbourne! Our central Collingwood warehouse stocks a complete range of passive fire protection products from a number of reputable suppliers. Please visit our website for a comprehensive listing, product datasheets and their associated MSDS.

Our comprehensive product range includes sealants, fire collars, fire pillows, mortars, access panels, Hebel blocks, boards and angles plus much more.

Many of the products we sell are related to the fire stopping of penetrations. This involves the reinstatement of building compartments where services penetrate through fire walls, floors and ceilings. Services penetrations are often created to allow for the passage of plumbing, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and other services and these should be sealed with tested and approved products to ensure that fire cannot spread through these penetrations.

FRS stocks a broad range of both intumescent and ablative paints, designed to be used on both internal and external applications. Paints can provide up to 2 hours of protection to structural steel columns, beams and cables.

We also stock a range of specialist fire boards that can assist with the protection of structural steel as well as the construction of fire rated walls, ceilings and bulkheads. There are a range of boards in varying thicknesses designed to suit many applications required to protect life and property from fire.

Whether you require a range of specialist fire resistant products to create a passive fire rated system or only one product, the FRS Collingwood warehouse is your one-stop shop.

Pick-up, local delivery and interstate shipping are all offered.