FRS Provides Fire, Smoke & Exit Door Compliance Checks

FRS Provides Fire Smoke Exit Door Compliance Checks 20 1

FRS Provides Fire, Smoke & Exit Door Compliance Checks

Passive fire protection specialists FRS (Fire Rating Solutions) provide annual checks for apartment buildings that have sole occupancy unit (SOU) doors. Majority of all apartment buildings require the SOU door to be a smoke or fire door and needs annual checks under the ESM (Essential Safety Measures) compliance requirements.

FRS can conduct these inspections and coordinate these checks with the building managers/OC and tenants to ensure each door is inspected and repairs rectified if required. These checks fall under the AS1851 inspections for Essential Safety Measures. This Standard is also intended to provide a systematic and uniform basis for building owners and managers, regulators, contractors, insurers and others to implement and administer inspection, test, preventive maintenance and survey programs applicable to fire protection systems and equipment.

The objective of AS1851 is to maximise the reliability of fire protection systems and equipment such that the systems and equipment meet the requirements of the relevant design, installation and commissioning Standards and are likely to continue to do so until the next scheduled activity.

Fire, Smoke & Exit Doors and their associated hardware and accessories are a very important part of ensuring a fire is contained within a specified area of a building and ensures safe and effective evacuation. These essential safety measures are found in almost all industrial, commercial and multi-dwelling buildings.

All Fire, Smoke and Exit Door services provided by FRS are conducted to ensure building owners’ legal and moral responsibilities are met. This includes ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of Fire, Smoke and Exit Doors and that these comply with Australian Standard (AS1851 & AS1905.1) with relevant records kept onsite.

FRS does annual ESM inspections, AS1851 door repairs and adjustments for all types of doors. They can rectify break-ins and manage emergency security repairs.

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