Complex Service Riser Fire Stopping Solved by FRS

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Working alongside our good client, 2Construct, FRS was brought in the resolve a challenging passive fire protection Service Riser issue. Located at Our Lady of Mercy College Heidelberg within their new Learning Facility project, the Service Riser required fire stopping but had multiple services leading to it causing issues with tight space and a complex area to fire stop.

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FRS  was able to resolve this difficult passive fire protection problem by using TBA Firefly Intubatt. The installation required careful measuring, cutting and the creating of jigsaw like pieces that ultimately achieved the ideal solution and a FRL of -/120/120.

Getting it right the first time, knowing what products best suit a particular situation and expert installation are key to achieving time and cost efficiencies as well as outcomes that protect life and property in the unfortunate event of fire.

Our FRS’ clients know they can trust us to deliver expert passive fire protection solutions.