Colourbond Speedpanel provides the perfect solution for tight access project


FRS are well underway with a project that is unique and has the challenge of very tight access.

On a site of approx. 126sqm with neighbouring buildings bordering the site on two sides, a busy slip road running off Hoddle Street and a very narrow lane running down one side of the site, getting materials onsite was always going to be a challenge.

In addition to the site owner-builder requiring fire rated walls for this development, he was also looking for a solution that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The solution we designed featured Speedpanel. This product is fire rated up to a -/240/240 FRL, has  great acoustic performance, is available in large span and height measurements and can be powder-coated in a range of colours.

Our owner is thrilled with the solution we have designed for him. Not only will his building achieve the necessary fire rating, but he has the benefit of acoustic properties and an architectural finish that is exactly the colour and look that he had been hoping for.

This project features Off-White Colour Bond coated Speedpanel, 290m2 of 78mm plus 7.5m and 4m of 550kg/m3 dense panels. With unrivalled span and height performance, Speedpanel requires significantly less structural support than other non-load bearing wall systems making it perfect for this project.

Access was the other challenge for this project. We needed to work out how to get these large panels on to the tight footprint of this site. With the help of our friends at Metropolitan Express, we arranged with a neighbour, an Australia Post office, to use their loading dock to position the transport vehicle to crane the precast panels over the boundary. This neighbourly cooperation would not have been possible without the expertise and assistance of the team at Metropolitan Express.

This small but exciting project is an example of what we do best – passive fire protection. FRS protecting property and life.