Building Code of Australia fire rating requirements


The Building Code of Australia is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures. All building works in Australia must conform to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) which has specific provisions relevant to fire safety systems and elements used in a building. Additionally, all fire rated materials used in a building must comply to Australian Standards, with AS4072.1 and AS1530-4 specifically relevant to fire rated elements.

Compliance and Legal Obligations for Building Owners

Understanding the BCA and fire resistance levels (FRL) for various elements in a building is critical to ensuring compliance. The BCA is given legal effect by State and Territory legislation and requires that documentation regarding a building must be produced and retained in regard to a wide range of performance requirements, including fire resistance of building elements, fire hazard properties and resistance to the incipient spread of fire.

The team at Fire Rating Solutions has in-depth knowledge of the BCA AS4072.1 and AS1530.4. We also have years of experience in designing effective solutions for unique building situations.  

Three Decades of Specialist Fire Rating Expertise

 Fire Rating Solutions has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is a recognised market leader. Entrusting us with your fire rating needs during building construction phase or refurbishment, ongoing annual inspection requirements, maintenance and repairs means peace-of-mind for you.

With FRS, your compliance, documentation and certifications will meet BCA requirements and ensure full legal compliance.

What is a Fire Resistance Level?

Understanding the meaning of a fire resistance level (FRL) is very important in ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia. In Australia, the National Construction Code dictates that each fire safety element must be tested to certain specifications (i.e. AS1530.4) in order to meet resistance approvals and certification. After this, the fire safety element is given what is known as a “fire rating” or “fire resistance level” (FRL) – the latter being the correct terminology under the Building Code of Australia.

Minimising Fire Rating Costs

It is important to note that if fire rated systems are installed at the correct time within the construction program, costs will be greatly minimised. Speak to us early so that we can advise, help you plan ahead and assist when the time is right. Fire Rating Solutions regularly assists both Builders and their sub-contractors. All works performed by FRS are certified. Alternatively, if you prefer, we are also able to supply your sub-contractors with the correct materials to undertake the works yourself.

Ensuring Compliance and Certification

All fire rated systems used in a building must comply with Section C of the BCA and be installed in the correct manner to achieve BCA compliance.

Private certifiers and Councils demand stringent certification prior to awarding a Certificate of Occupancy.

FRS has the systems, equipment, experience and expertise to provide all your design, installation and certification services.

Passive Fire Protection Systems Avoid Loss from Fire

The ramifications of even a small fire for any building owner are likely to be dire. The potential for loss of life, damage from fire, smoke and water plus loss of business productivity are just the beginning of a long list that could mean total devastation for any business. 

By conforming to BCA standards and choosing an experienced team to properly install your passive fire protection systems, business owners can minimise potential loss of life, property damage and more. It is a building owner’s obligation to ensure all fire rated elements are property installed, maintained and checked so that it performs without failure should the need arise.  

Why choose the specialist Fire Rating Solutions team?  

With a strong commitment to providing quality passive protection design solutions and product installation services, and as a recognised industry leader in this heavily regulated and high-risk sector, Fire Rating Solutions is the preferred choice for Australia’s leading construction companies, multi-dwelling builders, commercial electrical and plumbing sub-contractors, real estate property leasing departments, asset building and facility managers, just to name a few.

FRS can ensure your BCA compliance whether it is end-to-end construction projects or continuing inspections and asset maintenance. 

Simply contact Fire Rating Solutions, let us know your area of interest and one of our expert representatives will work with you to find the perfect solution.