Scape Lincoln Square Student Accommodation, Carlton

Scape Lincoln Square exterior

Boss Fire HPE intumescent mastic provides a practical solution to fire rating refrigeration pipe works

Project Name:                                   Scape Lincoln Square Student Accommodation

Site Address:                                      624 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC

Project Builder:                                 Infinity Constructions

FRS Client:                                            Auscool Airconditioning Mechanical Services

Work types:                                          Penetration sealing of refrigeration pipework and control cabling

Period:                                                     April/May 2021


The FRS team have been working on the Scape Lincoln Square student accommodation project in Carlton, working with our client Auscool Airconditioning Mechanical Services in sealing their refrigeration pipework with control cable service penetrations through fire rated plaster walls.

Our specialist passive team used Boss HPE on pair coil as a practical solution to fire rate the service penetrations over the 11 floors of this project.  Boss HPE is a high pressure expanding fire mastic with advanced graphite-based intumescent properties, well suited to the closing of pipes and protecting the penetrations from fire and smoke.

The Scape Lincoln Square construction will result in 468 studios complete with POD bathroom, kitchenette, a full suite of appliances, study areas, storage plus communal facility extension through the ground floor, mezzanine and level 11 roof top recreational area.

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