Fire Rating Problem Solving for Large Construction Build, Melbourne CBD

Large peno stairwell wall Jun2020

The FRS team’s problem solving and design skills were recently called upon to solve a challenging issue with a fire rated blockwork wall.

Project Name:                                                 Large commercial building

Location:                                                            Melbourne CBD

Client Builder:                                                 Probuild

Work types:                                                      Problem solving and design

.                                                                                Fire rated blockwork wall

Period:                                                                May 2020

At FRS, our problem solving and design skills are often called upon. We recently used these skills, along with our years of fire protection experience to resolve a challenging issue for our construction client. A fire rated blockwork wall had been compromised to allow for the installation of a staircase.

The thickness of the fire rated blockwork wall had been reduced to accommodate the support structure for the internal steel staircase. A steel PFC (Parallel Flange Channel) beam had been recessed and fixed into one side of the fire rated blockwork wall. This resulted in a reduction of the wall’s fire rating status.

FRS were tasked with bringing this fire rated blockwork wall back up-to-code. Given the stairwell could not be changed or taken apart, the FRS team solved the issue by thickening up the opposite side of the wall with a 52mm thick layer of Promat’s Promatect L500.

This solution reinstated the required 2hr FRL of the wall, meant minimal disruption to our client and provided a neat and professional finish.

PromatecL500blockwall Jun2020     Blockwall stairwell PromatecL500peno Jun2020