Critical Upgrades at Melbourne’s “City Loop” (MURL) – Passive Fire Protection

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Fire Rating Solutions delivering critical upgrades to Melbourne’s Underground Rail Loop Project (MURL) including installation of passive fire protection to protect life and critical infrastructure services at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament stations.

Project Name:                          Melbourne Underground

.                                                          Rail Loop Project (MURL)

Location:                                     Melbourne CBD

Client:                                           Southern Program Alliance

 Work types:                              Fire rated systems

Period:                                          2023

Known to Melbournians simply as the “City Loop”, the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop (MURL) was completed in the 1980s to boost the capacity and efficiency of the entire metropolitan rail network. The loop comprises five stations around the edges of the Melbourne Central Business District, three of which are underground stations (two in LaTrobe Street and one in Spring Street) connected by four underground lines, which run in separate tunnels under Spring and LaTrobe Streets.

Fire Rating Solutions is working with SPA on the installation of passive fire protection to protect Life and critical infrastructure services.

Now in 2023, the current MURL project (Stage 2) is delivering several upgrades including modern smoke detection, extraction, and sprinkler systems at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament stations. This will help Melbourne meet its future transportation needs, particularly as Melbourne’s population continues to grow, with it being on track to become Australia’s most populous city by 2026.

As passive fire protection specialists, Fire Rating Solutions is proud to be involved in delivering these critical upgrades, particularly to such an important part of Melbourne’s infrastructure. The “City Loop” is a critical part of Melbourne’s rail network and in addition to constant routine maintenance, these upgrades will ensure it remains world-class.

MURL riser    Murl Duct Tunnel