Albury Hospital Redevelopment – ED and Ambulance Bay

Albury Hospital Spray

FRS delivers ahead of schedule! A significant benefit for the overall project time-line and trades following us in the work schedule.

Project Name:                          Albury Hospital Redevelopment

Location:                                     Albury, NSW

Client:                                           Joss Group Pty Ltd

 Work types:                              Structural Steel Protection

.                                                          Fire and Smoke Walls

.                                                          (Fire Rated Board and Spray)

Period:                                         April 2023

Working with Joss Group Pty Ltd, Fire Rating Solutions undertook works for the expansion of New South Wales’ Albury Base Hospital, delivering a new Emergency Department and Ambulance Bay.

Led by our leading hand Joshua Keane, FRS delivered ahead of schedule; of significant benefit for the overall project timeline with proceeding trades being able to fall in behind us, enabling them to commence their works early.

A significant part of this project involved the use of Promat Australia’s Cafco 300 Vermiculite fire spray to protect structural steel beams. Additionally, we applied Promat’s new XS board to columns and the underside of beams.

This combination of products and installation design provided our client with an efficient and cost-effective result. Importantly, we delivered a final result that ensured the connection of the fire and smoke walls meet compliance!

Undertaken over a two week period, this interstate project was made easier for our work team with the great site coordination of Steve McKimmie of Joss Group and excellent service provided by Coates & Pacific Hire for the EWPs and Forklift. Due to the disruptive nature of construction works, this project was tailored to accommodate efficient and minimal disruptive works to the facility.

These works were undertaken as part of a five-point master plan for the redevelopment of Albury Wodonga Health to provide a facility that meets the needs of the community. AWH is the primary health service provider for Albury/Wodonga and is the regional referral hospital for the Northeast Victoria and Southern NSW catchment population.

FRS is proud to have been involved in this milestone project for the Albury Wodonga community.

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