Frequently Asked Questions


What types of industrial fire rating products and services are available?

We have a large range of passive combustion protection products and services available. Fire Rated Pillows, Mortar, Sealants, Collars and Collar wraps, Vermiculite Spray and intumescent paint are some of the products offered. More specified products are also available on request. We also specialise in problem solving in this area which is included in the services that Fire Rating Solutions offers. Please refer to our Fire Rating Services section of our website or call us on 03 9419 1393 for your specific needs.

What professions and individuals utilise Fire Rating Solutions services?

We work with major commercial builders around Australia, facility managers, service contractors, as well as customers from the industrial and mining sector. Although these are our common customers our installations and services are not limited to this list and we can help solve fire rating issues for all people and organisations.

What locations do Fire Rating Solutions service?

FRS primarily services all Melbourne metropolitan areas and country Victoria and will go interstate upon request. A lot of our Fire Rating Projects are done in the Melbourne CBD, Dandenong, Docklands, Geelong, Richmond, Frankston, Bendigo, Ballarat, Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and Melbourne. On special request we can service the interstate areas of Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide as well as Tasmania

What are Fire Rating Solutions key offerings?

The expert installation and/or supply of passive combustion protection products, advice, maintenance and annual audits. These passive protection requirements may vary from penetration fire sealing, PVC pipe penetration sealing, vermiculite spray, paint or a an audit of your building. FRS is also able to meet your certification requirements. Common examples of situations that require fire rating include penetrations through walls and floors from electrical services, PVC pipes, hot/cold water services and sprinkler pipes. Vermiculite spray and Paints for mechanical ductwork and structural steel is also a common example of when fire rating is required.

Is there still asbestos in fire spray?

No, fire spray containing asbestos was phased out during the 1980s. Fire protecting sprays these days contain a raw material called vermiculite. This raw material is then mixed with a gypsum or cementitious base depending on internal or external application.

How do I know if Fire Audits are necessary for my building?

Annual fire compliance audits must be undertaken on all buildings built on or after 1 July 1994. However owners of buildings built prior to 1 July 1994 still have a responsibility to ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the products and safety services. This applies to Class 1b, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 buildings as defined in the BCA. Fire Rating Solutions is able to perform audits on your building and provide certification.

How do I get in contact with Fire Rating Solutions?

Please feel free to telephone, fax or email your queries. Our telephone number is 03 9419 1393, fax 03 94191392 or CONTACT US through the website.

Does Fire Rating Solutions supply sprinkler and hydrant work?

No. This is known as Active Protection. Fire Rating Solutions does not deal with active protection but rather specialised in passive combustion protection. Please refer to the yellow pages for sprinkler fitters.

Does Fire Rating Solutions service the mining industry?

Yes, we regularly undertake passive combustion protection work in the mining sector. Our customers have included steel producers, mineral sands producers and other sections of the mining industry within the greater Melbourne area as well as regional areas across Victoria and other states of Australia including NSW, QLD and SA.

Does Fire Rating Solutions do domestic work?

Fire Rating Solutions does not usually perform domestic work and usually performs work for the commercial, industrial and mining industries. However if you believe that fire rating is needed on your domestic project please contact us with information about the project and the fire rating requirements.

Can Fire Rating Solutions process large orders?

Yes. Due to our extensive access to tools and equipment as well as many highly skilled employees large orders are common for FRS and we welcome any large orders that may arise. Small orders are also able to be fulfilled by FRS.

Can Fire Rating Solutions assist me with fire electrical alarms?

No. This is also Active Protection. Fire Rating Solutions does not deal with active protection but rather specialised in passive combustion protection. Please refer to the yellow pages for electrical alarms.