Building Code of Australia Fire Rating Requirements


With the introduction of the BCA there has been a requirement to produce certification for all fire protection installed.

All systems used must comply with AS1530-4 and be installed in the correct manner. The stopping up of holes with cement and/or plaster is longer acceptable. For many years now, those of us who have worked in the Eastern states have been used to providing this information to contractors and consultants who have in turn only accepted complying systems.

Private certifiers and council are demanding the degree of certification that achieves a certificate of occupancy.

FRS has the systems, equipment, experience and expertise to provide this service. If the systems are installed at the correct time in the construction program, costs are minimized. If you wish, we can cover all trades on your project and certify the complete fire stopping job, or we can look after your section of responsibility. We are also able to advise and supply the correct materials to each of your sub-contractors if you prefer to work this way.