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Passive Fire Protection Experts

Fire Rating Solutions can manage all your passive fire protection requirements from project start to finish. We offer a full installation service or can simply provide you with suitable products to install yourself.

These passive fire protection requirements may vary from fire penetration sealing, PVC pipe penetration sealing, vermiculite spray, intumescent paint or an audit of your existing building conditions. Common examples of situations that passive fire protection include penetrations through fire walls and floors with electrical services, PVC pipes, hot/cold water services and sprinkler pipes. Vermiculite fire spray for mechanical ductwork and structural steel as well as intumescent paint for structural steel is also a common example of where passive fire proofing is required.

Our installation services cover all of our products and we have ample experience and qualifications developed since 1990. Alternatively if you prefer we are able to provide the products required coupled with our installation advice.

Fire can result in loss of life, costly property damage and loss of business activity. All of which are very undesirable for your organisation and can create extremely negative consequences. The installation of passive fire protection limits the spread of smoke and flames within buildings as well as the prevention of structural collapse.

We have the industry knowledge, highly skilled employees and state of the art equipment to bring finish your job on time and on budget. Our skilled employees are leaders in their field, experienced in the installation of penetration fire sealing products as well as fire proofing. Also we certify all our work to Australian Standards.

Through our extensive experience in the building, industrial and mining sectors we have developed specialized installation procedures and techniques which are both effective and very efficient therefore reducing costs and time for our customers.

Our centrally located factory and custom built FRS vehicles mean we are able to be on-site quickly with fire protection products and tools necessary to perform your works, reducing costs for you.


Here is a list of services that FRS offers. Please consult the Services page for more information on this.

  • Flame Protection Problem Solving and Design
  • Fire Compliance Annual Audits and Essential Services Inspections
  • Fire Rating Maintenance
  • Service Penetration Fire Stopping – Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical
  • PVC Pipe Penetration Fire Stopping
  • Vermiculite Sprays for Structural Steel and Ductwork
  • Vermiculite and Textured Ceilings
  • Flame Resistant Paints for Structural Steel Columns, Beams and Cable Protection
  • Fire HebelBlockwork and Panel Solutions
  • Fire Board for Internal, External and Heat Applications – Steel, Walls, Ceilings and Ductwork
  • Fire Rated Access Panels and Hatches
  • Flame Resistant Storeroom / Archive Manufacture

Here is a list of products that FRS uses for its passive fire protection installations and are also available for purchase. Please consult the Fire Rating Products page for more information on this.

  • Fire Pillows – Penetration Seals on Floors/Slabs/Walls
  • Fire Mortar – Penetration Seals on Floors/Slabs/Walls
  • Fire Strip – Seals for Movement Joints in Floors/Walls
  • IBS Fire Foam Strip – Penetration Seals on Floors/Walls
  • Sealants for Flames, Smoke, Water and Heat
  • Sealant Backing Rods
  • Fire Collars for Plastic Pipe Penetration
  • Fire Collar Wraps for Plastic Pipe Penetration
  • Vermiculite Sprays for Structural Steel and Ductwork
  • Flame Resistant Paints for Structural Steel Columns, Beams and Cable Protection (Intumescent Paints)
  • Fire HebelBlockwork and Panels
  • Fire Boards for Internal, External and Heat Applications – Steel, Walls, Ceilings and Ductwork
  • Access Panels – Flame Resistant and Pressed Metal

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