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Essential Service Audits and Fire Compliance Inspections

FRS can help with your annual fire compliance audit requirements.

Periodically fire compliance annual audits must be undertaken to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia. The Victorian Building Act along with the Building Regulations came into operation in 1994. These effect all buildings built on or after 1 July 1994.

These regulations go further than the previous regulations by specifically requiring essential fire safety services inspections and their level of performance be maintained. Building owners need to ensure periodic audits in accordance with the Australian Standard and maintain a record of that audit on site.

Owners of buildings built prior to 1 July 1994 still have a responsibility to ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the fire safety services.

The objective of maintenance and annual audits is to ensure that services continue to perform at the same level of operation that existed at the time of commissioning.

Fire Audit Report inspects for the following:

  • Non-compliant fire rated materials
  • Penetration faults
  • Investigate fire separation areas
  • Deterioration to building elements

Fire Audit Report inspections check the following essential service items:

  • Fire indices of materials
  • Fire isolated lift shafts
  • Fire isolated passages
  • Fire isolated stairs
  • Fire protective coverings
  • Fire rated access panels
  • Fire rated control joints
  • Fire rated materials applied to building elements
  • Fire resisting shafts
  • Penetrations in fire-rated structures

At the conclusion of our audit we will provide the building owner with a detailed report sighting all essential services requiring attention together with a quotation to bring these items up to code.

The maintenance of essential services applies to Class 1b, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, buildings as defined in the BCA. These include multi-storey residential buildings, hotels/motels, offices, shops, warehouses, factories and hospitals/public buildings.

Look at the BCA Requirements.

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